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About Us

Client satisfaction is the only option.

We are the best at SAT & ACT prep, and it will stay that way because we continue to improve and innovate to stay at the top. 

It's about selecting the most qualified candidates from an already qualified candidate pool and putting them through both a rigorous assessment and a daunting interview process to make them want the job. If they get it, they'll work their hardest to keep it.

Our tutor turnover rate is the lowest in the industry, and we attribute that to our company culture. Our tutors are treated fairly and respectfully and are given exciting growth opportunities as rewards for great work and effort. With lowest in the industry tutor turnover rates, we develop a relationship built on trust and mutual respect - and our clients benefit from this.  

Our company, like our SAT and ACT classes, is built on a foundation of respect. We respect ourselves, our employees, our partners, our current and former clients, and we'll respect you. 

You will always get accurate, real-time, professional advice to meet your family's needs. Call us, you'll see and feel the Tried & True Tutoring difference.

Many of our students every year get admission into top universities throughout the country. Others see tremendous growth and get into their top choice universities.

Call us. We'll discuss your goals and we'll give you honest, professional, and effective feedback. Then we'll set up a call between the parent, student, tutor, and our advisors. As a team, we'll ensure your student's success.