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Louisville HS - ACT Practice Exam - 10/19/2024

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Louisville HS - ACT Practice Exam - 10/19/2024

$ 40.00

Learn how you will perform on the ACT! 

Begin your journey by taking a Practice ACT Exam in real testing conditions to determine your strengths and skill gaps.

Compare your ACT Practice Exam results to your results from the October PSAT to determine which exam, SAT or ACT, will best represent you to colleges.

Join Us:

  • On-Campus at Louisville HS
  • Saturday, 10/19/2024 from 9:00 AM - 1:00 PM




    Interested in understanding what your Practice ACT and/or PSAT scores mean? 

    Once you have completed your exam, consult with one of our expert Directors, who can help you determine:

    • Which exam suits you best, SAT or ACT
    • What reasonable target score will help you attain your aspirations
    • An appropriate testing timeline

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